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...The content you are pushing out is really impressive. This is really admirable. There are people like me, years behind you, that you are inspiring whether you know it or not.
— - Organization Development Consultant
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Developing Emotional Intelligence: Teaching EQ for Harvard

I was recently hired to teach Emotional Intelligence for Harvard University at the Harvard Ed Portal. In this course, participants were asked to read Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves, along with completing the assessment to build awareness around strengths and development areas for Emotional Intelligence. 

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Question and Answer: Neuro Coaching: Granite State Learning and Development Round Table.

I led a workshop on Neuro Coaching and Behavior Change for the Granite State Learning and Organization Development Round Table, hosted by King Arthur Flour. Participation was strong, with great discussion and questions about using Compassion and Compliance coaching approaches in organizations.

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Team Building through Team Coaching - Enhancing Business Performance

Coaching is a confidential learning experience that is customized for specific client needs.  The coach supports and challenges the client while maintaining focus on progress toward meeting established goals. Team Coaching is different from executive or career coaching in that it is done with a group of people who work together, with defined group objectives.

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5 Favorite Positive Psychology Books for Business Leaders

As my blog and newsletter readers know, I read and enjoy a lot of books each year! I am always looking to learn new skills and ways to keep growing my business, Sarah Scala Consulting. Here are my 5 favorite books on positive psychology. These are excellent reads for Coaches, HR leaders, CEOs and Business Managers - anyone who works with people, really.

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Growth Mindset: How your Mindset Can Support your Business Success

According to Carol Dweck, psychologist and researcher at Stanford University, and author of Mindsets: The New Psychology of Success, people with a growth mindset believe that talents and skills can be developed. This mindset builds resilience and optimism. Folks with a strong growth mindset look at people as if they can be developed. They also stick with things and have good ways to cope and thrive. Folks with a growth mindset tend to have better business results because they're willing to overcome weaknesses and obstacles. Especially during times of transition, these folks tend to achieve more.

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Neuro Coaching: Questions from workshop with Central MA Assoc. Of Talent Development

I recently led a workshop on Neuro Coaching and Behavior Change within your Organization for the Central Massachusetts Association for Talent Development (ATD) at Clark University. Participation was strong, with great discussion and questions about using compassion and compliance coaching approaches in their organizations.

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Connecting for Career Transition

When clients request career coaching, I often start by asking them about their connections. Some people have a well-developed network through their company, friends, professional associations, community service, Boards of Directors, sports, or hobbies. Other people have not spent much time developing these networks. A lot of people hate networking, so instead I position it as connecting: a way to build real relationships and friendships, that in time will grow stronger. Currently, most jobs  in the U.S. are gained by referrals - who you know. Referrals for jobs are one of the most common ways companies find potential candidates to fill positions.

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Strategies for Success During Career Transition

Career coaching is a resource that people can use throughout the chapters of their professional life. Whether you are looking for your very first job or are a CEO looking to retire and start that next chapter in your life, my clients have received a lot of value from career and transition coaching.

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The Brain: Coaching to Sustain Change for Business

Learning about coaching and how it impacts the brain fascinates me! I studied and completed research during the past few years to better understand different approaches to coaching and how they may impact my clients neurologically. I am not a neurologist, and the simple idea that coaching can produce results visible on a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) is awesome!

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Compassion vs Compliance Coaching to Bring Sustained Business Change

I first learned about coaching with the Positive Emotional Attractor (PEA) and Negative Emotional Attractor (NEA) through the courses “Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence” and “Conversations That Inspire: Coaching Learning, Leadership and Change” at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) Massive Open Online learning Courses (MOOCs). The goal of coaching is to support positive behavior change. Compassion coaching is focused on the coachee’s vision and ideal self, while Compliance coaching focuses on the organization’s objectives and goals (CWRU, 2014).

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