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Team Building through Team Coaching - Enhancing Business Performance

Sarah A Scala, M. Ed & OD
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Coaching is a confidential learning experience that is customized for specific client needs.  The coach supports and challenges the client while maintaining focus on progress toward meeting established goals. Team Coaching is different from executive or career coaching in that it is done with a group of people who work together, with defined group objectives.

Whether teams are cross-functional or on the same project or department, coaching often helps team members discuss things that may not get brought up in a normal work environment. Our coaching programs have supported teams from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies through change, challenge, and growth. Team coaching begins by creating an environment of safety, confidentiality, and trust.  

Assessment Tools are also helpful for team coaching because they provide unbiased data.  FIRO-B assessment, MBTI, and the Thomas Kilman Conflict instrument provide a new lens to consider ourselves, our organization, and the world. The use of assessment tools provide data for team development to strengthen self-awareness.

Team building activities coupled with coaching provide an opportunity for teams to practice behaviors and gain real-time feedback. We often incorporate experiential learning methods or simulations in team coaching. 

Coaching can help your teams to:

  • Build trust

  • Navigate change

  • Overcome ambiguity

  • Strengthen team dynamics and synergy

  • Manage conflict

  • Build a culture to promote retention

  • Effective communication

  • Increase team engagement

  • Overcome merger / acquisition challenges

  • Support risk taking to promote innovation

Sarah was able to let the conversation flow in a necessary direction, but still pull it back to the goals of the day. Great dialogue between the team. Opportunity to talk about things that may not get brought up in a normal work environment.

What are some ways that you have benefited from team coaching? Please share in the comments. If you have specific questions, ask me. I'm happy to help.

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