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“During our first gathering facilitated by Sarah, I recognized right away that her energy, skills and personality would be a great fit for our community at King Arthur Flour. Her passion for defining, developing and leading programs has led us further to a culture of learning and change. Her presence brings an eagerness and lightness to business. Sarah has worked with us on the development of our executive team, succession, coaching, company-wide leadership and HR development. I would highly recommend her for any of these projects and other organization development initiatives. We continue to work with Sarah on people development.”



From working on leadership effectiveness to moving teams successfully through organizational change, we have success with coaching clients in diverse stages of their professional lives.  Coaching is a confidential learning experience that is customized for your specific needs.  Coaching and assessments give us a new lens to consider ourselves, our organization, and the world. Using a style that is open and relaxed, coaching is an effective way to build skills and confidence, as well as reinforce recent learning experiences.


Leadership Development

From C-suite, executive, front-line, mid-level, to global, high-potential, and emerging leaders, our programs are built to fit your schedule and timeline. This allows us to be flexible with your organizational needs, culture, and budget.  We use an experiential approach to leadership development, having found that people learn best when given the opportunity to practice skills in a safe environment, while receiving real-time feedback. 


Organization Development

Organization Development is a holistic approach to improving organizations by maximizing processes, systems, and people. We provide solutions for succession planning, organizational change management, workforce planning, performance management, and team development.  


Learning Design

Using creative methods, experiential content, and processes, our learning design solutions have resulted in cost effective ways to support continuous development needs for our clients.  Learn more about our successful custom Mentor Programs and Learning Designs for supporting your learning strategies and training programs,

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Facilitation & Speaking

Need a non-biased resource to lead or design a focus group, board meeting, or town meeting? Our facilitation and speaking style brings lots of energy to meetings, encouraging active participation, while promoting openness and inclusion. We lead a variety of meeting types including interactive meeting design, focus group meetings, World Café, off-site retreats, team development programs, and virtual meetings. We are skilled in inclusive delivery that allows each person to be engaged..


Team Development

Our custom team development programs strengthen interpersonal skills and group dynamics, whether your team is brand new or well established. These programs bring out the energy and passion that drive business success. Teams are challenged with experiences that strengthen trust and communication, while gaining a better understanding of differences. Allowing enough time to experience and reflect on insights is an important part of experiential learning. People learn best when given the opportunity to practice skills in a safe environment, while receiving real-time feedback.  


RESOURCES: Our Articles, Podcasts, and Recent Public Workshop Materials available on the Resources Page