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Connecting for Career Transition

Sarah A. Scala, M. Ed & OD, ACC

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When clients request career coaching, I often start by asking them about their connections. Some people have a well-developed network through their company, friends, professional associations, community service, Boards of Directors, sports, or hobbies. Other people have not spent much time developing these networks. A lot of people hate networking, so instead I position it as connecting: a way to build real relationships and friendships, that in time will grow stronger. Currently, most jobs  in the U.S. are gained by referrals - who you know. Referrals for jobs are one of the most common ways companies find potential candidates to fill positions.

Sometimes this connection means having a college buddy or a friend who already works for the organization that you're interested in. Other times, this may include knowing someone who knows someone at the organization, as many jobs are obtained through second-tier connections. I also think having a strong social media presence can only help. Using platforms like LinkedIn help you see if there are others who are in your network who you should connect with.

How have you benefited from your connections to help you move into a new position or company?  Please share in the comments. If you have specific questions, ask me. I'm happy to help.  

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