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Neuro Coaching: Questions from workshop with Central MA Assoc. Of Talent Development

Last night, I led a workshop on Neuro Coaching and Behavior Change within your Organization for the Central Massachusetts Association for Talent Development (ATD) at Clark University. Participation was strong, with great discussion and questions about using compassion and compliance coaching approaches in their organizations.

As I have written about on past blogs on coaching, learning about how coaching impacts the brain fascinates me!

Questions that came up in the workshop last night included:

1. Is a person’s brain and body response to compassion vs. compliance coaching the same as fight or flight?
Fight or flight is a person’s action or behavior after times of stress, while the response to compassion and compliance coaching takes place automatically and subconsciously.

2. What should you when trying to use level 2 or 3 listening and you slip into Level 1 listening?
Pause, breath, and refocus, or share with the client that your mind took a tangent and that you want to get back to deep listening. This can sometimes be helpful to share with the client because they may have similar responses from others to their stories -if long and drawn out. Could be a learning moment for both.

3. When you coach do you give advice or just listen and ask questions?
Depending on the context, I mostly ask questions and listen to build self-awareness with my clients. There are times where I may give tips or advice when the client is in danger IE: Recommend Employee Assistance Program or a referral to a mental health provider, or when career coaching where I both ask and advise depending on the client’s needs.

My blogs and case study on Compassion vs Compliance coaching:

 What questions do you have about the brain and coaching? Please share in the comments. If you have specific questions, ask me. I'm happy to help.  

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