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As a dynamic and engaging speaker, I inject energy and candor into your conferences, association meetings, and events.  My keynotes and workshops are custom designed to promote active participation and inclusion. Having spoken to groups of varying career levels and sizes at diverse venues for the last 18+ years, I work hard to ensure a proper understanding of your goals and the demographics of your audience. 

If you haven't heard me speak before, check out the short videos below to see my style and how I engage the audience.

Upcoming Speaking Events

Central MA Assoc of Talent Development - Worcester, MA
Sustaining Success with Optimism, Resilience, and Grit
October 22, 2019 6:00PM-8:00PM
DISCOUNT CODE “GRIT!” for Member Rate

Cape Cod Human Resource Assoc - Hyannis, MA
Sustaining Success with Optimism, Resilience, and Grit
October 24 8:00AM-10:00AM

Boston Assoc of Talent Development - Boston, MA
Sustaining Success with Optimism, Resilience, and Grit
November 13, 2019 6:30PM-8:30PM

Human Resource Assoc of Southern Maine - Portland, MA
Sustaining Success with Optimism, Resilience, and Grit
December 10, 2019 11:15M-1:00PM

Human Resources Assoc of Greater Concord, NH
Positive ROI: Effective Mentor Program Design for Workforce Development
February 20, 2020 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM

Maine Assoc of Talent Development - Portland, ME
Positive ROI: Effective Mentor Program Design for Workforce Development
April 21, 2020 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM

Previous Speaking Engagements

  • Greater Merrimack Valley HR Association 2019: Mentoring: Formal, Informal, and Impactful

  • Granite State Learning and Organization Development Round Table 2019: Neuro-Coaching and Behavior Change

  • MindEdge Learning Symposium 2018: Neuro Coaching and Innovation

  • Maine HR Convention 2018: Mentoring: Formal, Informal, and Impactful

  • SharpHeels Boston Career Summit 2018: Career Planning

  • New England Institute of Transportation Engineers Annual Meeting: Transportation Engineer Leadership Development Program

  • Central MA Assoc. of Talent Development (ASTD - ATD) 2018: Neuro-Coaching and Behavior Change

  • Cape Cod HR Association: Neuro Coaching: Enhancing Capabilities and Performance within Your Organization

  • SCORE / Venture Cafe 2018: Sustaining Entrepreneurial Success: Grit, Resilience and Optimism

  • Wisconsin Trainer's Round Table: Leadership Development: Using the World Café model

  • Milwaukee OD Community of Practice: Experiential Facilitation

  • Boston Assoc. of Talent Development (ASTD - ATD) 2016: Mentoring: Formal, Informal, and Impactful

  • Greater Hartford YMCA: Leadership and Confidence for Women

  • Green Mountain College: Developing Your Professional Network

  • Cape Cod Young Professionals Network: Connecting vs Networking to Build Your Professional Community

  • Vermont Employee Ownership Conference 2015: Mentoring: Formal, Informal, and Impactful

  • Central MA Assoc. of Talent Development 2016: Mentoring: Formal, Informal, and Impactful

  • Northeast Strengths Based Network: Mentoring: Formal, Informal, and Impactful

  • Granite State Learning and Organization Development Round Table: Sustaining Success: Mindfulness, Grit, Resilience and Optimism

  • Greater Nashua Human Resources Association: Mentoring: Formal, Informal, and Impactful

The presentation was right on point. The information you share resonated well with the women in the forum. I look forward to working with you again on future endeavors.
— Deborah Evans, Chief People Officer, Greater Hartford YMCA
Sarah is a gifted presenter and truly knowledgeable in her field. She is well prepared to meet the needs of her audience as well as flexible. One of the most dynamic presenters I have worked with to date.
— Clinical Leader, Greater Nashua Mental Helath Center

Speaking Topics


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This workshop will explore both formal and informal mentoring. Mentoring is one of the best ways to strengthen skills or to take a leadership role in developing future leaders or followers. Mentoring can also be very cost effective for organizations. Through interactive group activities and the sharing of best practices, this program will provide examples of mentoring successes with a strong return on investment. Examples of New England and national companies we have partnered with on designing and evaluating a mentor process will also be shared.  

What’s going on up there? Understanding Coaching and the Brain to Build Business Performance

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Through this interactive workshop, participants will learn about neuroscience and what happens in the brain with different approaches to coaching. Discussion combined with partner and small group activities will address both Compassionate change and Compliance change approaches. A Compassionate approach is focused on the team or coachee’s vision and ideal self or team, while a Compliance approach is focused on the organization’s objectives and goals. Both are important for sustained change for both individuals and organizations. Through this workshop, participants will gain tools and tips to bring change to individuals and teams, and what happens neurologically in the brain when these approaches are used.


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This interactive workshop focuses on the next level of leadership and people development - keeping one's self strong in mind through optimism, resilience, and grit. Through group and partner discussions, we will explore ways to strengthen or teach others optimism, resilience, and grit. You will learn how to strengthen and develop Optimism. We will also explore ways to build Resilience as a competency to overcome change and challenges. The workshop will end with ways to strengthen GRIT as a competency that differentiates exceptional performers from good performers, which impacts business results.


World Café is a facilitation process that rapidly gathers the collective experience and knowledge of participants. The workshop will open with a creative exercise. Participants will then work in small discussion groups concentrating on topics such as: inclusion, managing change, building executive effectiveness, leading Millennial talent, executing for results, building self awareness, and thinking and acting globally. The workshop will close with small groups sharing their ideas with the large group. Topics can be selected based on your choice.


YouTube video clip of this topic
When businesses are planning change, mergers, or acquisitions, often the focus is on the financial and logistical details. Obviously, these are important factors. However, when businesses do not think through the emotional impact on their employees and leaders, the process is often more difficult and less successful. Executives and Leaders can take a people approach to change by building their skills in Optimism, Resilience, Grit, and a Growth Mindset. Supporting the emotional psychology of change is as important as the financial, strategic, and logistical details, because you need strong employees and leaders to execute your business plan.    


Learning from experience might be called "nature's way of learning". It is education that occurs through direct participation in the events, whether they are highly energetic or low key learning experiences. This is an interactive session on adding value to your learning and development programs through experiential education. This work combines the disciplines of experiential learning with interpersonal and group dynamics, leadership, and human impacts of organizational change in an intuitive adult education process.  This session can include case studies. This seminar can expand into a half day or full day workshop or as part of a series of seminars.

Want Sarah to Speak at your next Event or Meeting?

What clients say: 

"I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Sarah recently on a mentoring education program through the Association for Talent Development. Sarah delivered an outstanding session. Her expertise and experience in designing effective and lasting corporate mentoring programs were clearly demonstrated as she led the attendees through a journey of understanding of the concepts and practical advice to be successful in their own launches. I would recommend Sarah as a highly capable consultant and change agent for talent development."
- Laura Silva, Director, Global Talent Development, Smith & Nephew

“I'm extremely lucky to have seen Sarah speak a couple of times over the past few years. Her most recent session on Neuro Coaching and Behavior Change in Organizations for the Central Mass Association for Talent Development (CMATD) chapter was an absolute masterpiece. Sarah was interactive and engaging throughout the course of the program and the information she shared was relevant, interesting, and immediately applicable to my work. In setting up the session, Sarah was organized and easy to work with. I highly recommend partnering with Sarah if you have the opportunity.”
- Ryan Rosiello, President, Central MA Association of Talent Development

“Sarah ‘s fast-paced, interactive style of presentation, laced with just the right amount of humor, held the attention of the participants, with minimal lecture and lots of time for small-group discussion. Sarah was well-informed and backed up her information with documentation and a list of resources for further reference. Sarah’s workshop left the participants feeling energized and uplifted.  Some comments from participants included: “Sarah Scala was fantastic!”“Perfect presentation. This is probably the best presentation ever!””
Mary Jaynes, Former Program Director, WE CAN Corp.

“Sarah spoke at our event on a variety of topics including conflict management and active leadership styles. The research examples shared were helpful to put names to behaviors that we all encounter in the workplace. The breakout sessions to talk with peers in the class was a fun way to practice the topics learned. “
- Doug Halpert, P.E., Chair of Planning, New England Institute of Transportation Engineers

“I just wanted to take a moment and thank you, and tell you how much I enjoyed your presentation at Tuesday's GNHRA lunch. The topic was something I believe all of us in HR hold near and dear to our hearts - but beyond that, the presentation itself was very engaging. A good presenter/speaker can make the most boring of topics interesting, and although your topic was not boring, I believe you could do just that. An optimistic attitude, resilience and grit were the 3 primary components to my "survival" -- you clearly hit the nail on the head!”
-Becky Henderson, Participant, Greater Nashua HR Association

“Sarah is a dynamic presenter able to provide the necessary key components of situational leadership and vulnerability in a manner that is exciting and concise. She demonstrates knowledge and passion of the material presented making it easier to absorb. “ - Clinical Leader, Greater Nashua Mental Health Center

“Sarah did a fantastic job leading a career workshop in my business course, Mastering Self Leadership. She engaged the students in several hands-on activities that developed their networking and LinkedIn skills. ”
– Matt Mayberry, Former Business Department Chair, Green Mountain College

“Sarah presented to Cape Cod Human Resources Association on the topic of Mentoring: Formal, Informal, and Impactful. She helped define and frame how mentoring programs work and how to develop a program to fit the needs of your individual organization. CCHRA has a diverse membership representing different industries of different sizes, and Sarah was able to present in such a way that there was valuable information to all attendees.”
– Vikki Morris, President, CCHRA

“Thanks for the wonderful and very professional job. The time flew by quickly (one of my personal metrics for a great presentation), and I think everyone in the room left with wonderfully new or reinforced insights about the key cornerstones to rock solid coaching.”
-Jerry Brightman, President, The Leadership Group

“I have had the privilege and benefit of learning from Sarah through her presentations. We recently collaborated on a presentation on the topic of coaching and found the experience of working with her both energizing and personally enriching. As my informal mentor, I can attest that she possesses a genuine and caring presence and has an authentic generosity in sharing her depth of experience and knowledge. One of her greatest gifts is her ability to open the door to allow for group dialogue, be present, and share feedback that is honest and transformative. She creates visions and can frame the possibilities which makes her a true champion of people and expert in the field of Organizational Development and Coaching.”
- Sharon Kritkausky, CCTC, CO- Chair, Granite State Round Tab and HR - Talent Advisor, Concord Hospital