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Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles

This mission and our guiding principles are the beliefs and standards that we hold ourselves accountable to:

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Mission: Sarah Scala Consulting provides world class executive coaching, change management, and leadership transformation.  Working with organizations to support high performance, we have developed a reputation for providing sustainable results for our clients.  

Vision: To provide coaching and consulting solutions to support change and growth to help every client become stronger and more capable of having a positive impact on their companies and the world.

Guiding Principles:

  • Sustainable Impact: Whether consulting, coaching, or training, our clients develop a clear sense of strategy. This approach helps organizations hold leaders accountable, while reinforcing change and retention of skills and behaviors.

  • Energetic and Dynamic: Experimental and innovative, our approach is refreshing and flexible. Many of our projects can be customized to support your changing business needs and unique culture. We provide engaging and active learning that makes our time with you memorable.

  • Support with Empathy: Confronting conflict and difficult conversations is facilitated by creating a safe environment that integrates easily with your culture. We help you explore, build awareness, and define strategy that will lead to a strong return on your investment. We promote active listening and purposeful reflection as a critical part of learning and change.

  • Creative and Experiential Approach: Strong content, supported by experiential learning is a proven method to retain and master skills and behaviors. We will work with you to ensure that these steps are included when designing your project or program.

  • Resilience and Grit: With perseverance and flexibility, we help you and your business return to a strong, healthy state. Focused on your long term results, we provide consulting and coaching to support your business in overcoming challenges, changes in markets conditions, shifts in demand, and culture transformation for today and into the future.

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