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Strategies for Success During Career Transition

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Sarah A. Scala, M. Ed & OD, ACC

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Career coaching is a resource that people can use throughout the chapters of their professional life. Whether you are looking for your very first job or are a CEO looking to retire and start that next chapter in your life, my clients have received a lot of value from career and transition coaching.

Scheduling of career coaching is often more flexible than Executive coaching, which is priced  as a package of a certain length of time; often 3, 6, or 12 months. It often isn’t known when the client will receive a job offer or when the leader will be promoted to a new position. Clients have found flexibility to be great a benefit!

I have worked with recent graduates of Ivy League schools that needed support with the interpersonal aspects of a career search, finding the right position, moving through the interview cycle, and negotiating their salary. People are also coached who are looking to make a career change, leave their organization, or take a sabbatical. I continue to support CEOs and executives who are planning for their retirement in a few years and want to have that next chapter planned out. This may include their goals to serve on a Board of Directors, work in community service, travel, or spend more time with family.

As an executive coach who also provides transition coaching, I am inspired and fascinated with people's dreams and desires for what their futures could include. I use compassion / neuro coaching approaches which are focused on strengths, dreams, and vision to work with clients to move them towards a successful transition. Clients leave their coaching experiences with an increased level of self-confidence, which helps them be successful in their next chapter. 

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What have you found to be helpful when you are going through a transition or searching for a new position?  
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