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...The content you are pushing out is really impressive. This is really admirable. There are people like me, years behind you, that you are inspiring whether you know it or not.
— - Organization Development Consultant
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5 Favorite Entrepreneurship Podcasts and VLOGS

With clients in 9 US States and 4 countries, I travel some of the time. Striving for continuous learning, I often listen to podcasts and audio books, and watch vlogs that provide solutions, strategies, and motivation for running my small business, Sarah Scala Consulting. Here are 5 business Podcasts and Vlogs that I am currently listening to and recommend for entrepreneurs and business leaders.

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5 Favorite Books on Leadership Excellence

Each year I try to read at least 50 books. It is an optimistic goal, and one that I have met or exceeded for the past 10 years. The following 5 books are my favorites on the topic of Leadership Development.  Some are older classics and others are fairly new. What books do you always turn to or recommend on the topic of leadership?  Leave a comment below to share.

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5 Free Learning Resources that Add Value to your Business Bottom Line

A client once asked me what the best learning resources were to support their competencies. The Human Resources department had a high level of requests for outside training courses, conferences, books, and resources, and HR was overwhelmed trying to decide which resources would add the most value, be most appropriate, and cost effective. We designed a guidebook listing the top resources for each competency so that HR and managers would have a source to be used both during development planning and annual reviews, as well as for when employees asked for more learning and development.  

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