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Case Study - Career Coaching

Case Study:
Career Coaching

Career and Transition Coaching Client Moves Towards a Desired Future

A client from New England was struggling with defining what she wanted for the next steps in her career. She had a few diverse career areas that piqued her interest, and was uncertain what she wanted to do.  She also was unsure if she wanted to start her own business or work for someone else.  She privately hired Sarah Scala Consulting to support her with career and transition coaching.  


The Objectives of the Project:

  1. Client to gain clarity about how to take the next step with changing her career
  2. Client to build confidence in making future transformative career decisions
I worked with Sarah to gain clarity around what I wanted my “next” career steps to be.  Her ability to help me work through a muddy and vague transition of redefining what I would do next has been incredibly helpful!  Her approach is systematic and has allowed me to identify and consider my options and alternatives using a methodical process, rather than a haphazard one – which helped ground me during my transition.
— Business Owner: Marketing, Communication, and Business Coach and Consultant


Questions Guiding this Project:

  • What is the desired state of behavior needed to make this career change?
  • Why hasn’t the client made the career change already? What is holding her back?
  • If the world was perfect, what would her career look and feel like?


Services Provided:

  • Career and Transition coaching



  1. Met with client to clarify needs and to determine fit
  2. Met with client both in person and virtually to provide career coaching
  3. Provided feedback on her resumes and cover letters to best position client for consideration



  • Client has gained clarity and confidence about what her go/no go characteristics and values are as she considers both employers and potential clients (culture, structure, flexibility, remote work possibilities, etc.)
  • Client is considering a hybrid approach to her next career move of being both an employee and small business owner