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Case Study - Executive Coaching Marketing

Case Study: Executive Coaching for Marketing Leader

Executive Coaching for Marketing Leader making Big Strides

Marketing Manager of Global Advanced Textiles and Materials Company sought executive coaching as she struggled with a frustrating work environment. This client was disappointed as she felt her position did not provide her with the personal growth and satisfaction desired. The client hired Sarah Scala Consulting to provide executive coaching along with leadership development to help her move through this anticipated change.  

The Objectives of the Project:

Sarah’s coaching helped me develop grit and resilience in the workplace. She helped me identify what skills I wanted to strengthen, and also what frustrations to let go of. What I found most impressive was that every time I interacted with Sarah, she provided me with concrete focused action items, readings, and tools to help me. Every single conversation I had with her was productive. Sarah’s executive coaching directly strengthened my skills as a leader and an individual both.
— Marketing Manager of Global Advanced Textiles and Materials Company
  1. Client to gain clarity on desired next chapter of her career
  2. Client to have confidence in her ability to make changes


Questions Guiding this Project:

  • What does success look like?
  • If your work life was perfect, what would that look and feel like?
  • What changes are you ready to make now?  Which changes do you want to be more confident in making?


Services Provided:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Interpersonal Skills Development including resilience and grit
  • Leadership Development



  1. Met with client to clarify needs and to determine fit
  2. Met with client both in person and virtually to provide executive coaching
  3. Taught resilience, grit, and leadership effectiveness skills to client to support development



  • Client left her company and became a successful entrepreneur, building a small business that better supports her need for a more flexible work environment and personal growth.  
  • Increased confidence and strategies for moving through the ambiguity and emotional aspects of change including resilience, grit, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and growth mindset.