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Case study - CEO Coaching

Case Study: 
Executive Coaching for future CEO

Executive Coaching of high potential to become next CEO using Compassion Based Coaching for Sustained Behavior Change

Sarah Scala Consulting was hired by the CEO of a family-owned business to develop their next CEO, his son. Worked to develop this client in areas of strategic planning, influencing without authority, confidence, and risk taking.  The  client was in an individual contributor role when we began the coaching.   In just a few sessions with this client, I shared my research about Compassion coaching  to give him context as to why we talk more about his ideal self and vision, than his tasks and challenges. He will become the fourth generation CEO of his family’s business.  


The Objectives of the Project:

  1. Client to build confidence to take risks

  2. Client to develop skills in strategic planning

  3. Client to develop the ability to influence without authority


Questions Guiding this Project:

  • What is the timeline for the succession of this person to become CEO?

  • What skills does the client need to develop?


Services Provided:

  • Executive Coaching package tailored to specific needs

  • Recommended practices and exercises to help create the desired change

  • E-mail or brief phone calls, as needed during the coaching period



  1. Executive coached client in person every other week for 1 year using Compassion and Compliance based approaches, which focuses more on positive changes, ideal self, dreams, vision and successes, and less on tasks and challenges.

  2. Provided support resources and recommended practices to develop skills and behaviors



  • Client was promoted to a leadership role of Marketing Manager within 6 months

  • Client built self-confidence and comfort in taking risks

  • Client became more comfortable requesting feedback from CEO

  • Client built comfort in how he influenced without authority