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...The content you are pushing out is really impressive. This is really admirable. There are people like me, years behind you, that you are inspiring whether you know it or not.
— - Organization Development Consultant
Achieving Professional and Career Goals Sooner Than Planned

Ten years ago I read the book Smart Women Finish Rich, by David Bach. He has a revised version coming out on September 18, 2018. Ideas presented in the book are appropriate for both men and women. Initially I picked up this book to learn about finances and money in my 20’s; however, I used concepts from the book to design a spreadsheet template for setting goals and planning how I want to live my life, professionally and personally.

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Self-Development Planning for Career

With it being back to school season, it is a great time of the year to look at your own development plan! As a lifelong learner, professional in the Learning and coaching fields, and an entrepreneur, I have found it to be critical to invest both time and money into my continued development and learning. When it comes to keeping engaged and your skills sharp, finding ways to think about what and how you want to learn next is important.  Each New Year's Day I write myself a personal development plan.   

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7 Tips for Starting A Professional Association

When I moved back to New England from the Midwest in 2011, I quickly noticed that one resource missing was a professional association to build connections and learn from those in my field of Organization Development and Learning. Having spent almost a decade in Wisconsin, I was a member of a few professional associations. Learning and connections with these groups were pivotal in helping me to find new positions, learn new approaches, and really feel like I had a community!

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Connecting for Career Transition

When clients request career coaching, I often start by asking them about their connections. Some people have a well-developed network through their company, friends, professional associations, community service, Boards of Directors, sports, or hobbies. Other people have not spent much time developing these networks. A lot of people hate networking, so instead I position it as connecting: a way to build real relationships and friendships, that in time will grow stronger. Currently, most jobs  in the U.S. are gained by referrals - who you know. Referrals for jobs are one of the most common ways companies find potential candidates to fill positions.

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Strategies for Success During Career Transition

Career coaching is a resource that people can use throughout the chapters of their professional life. Whether you are looking for your very first job or are a CEO looking to retire and start that next chapter in your life, my clients have received a lot of value from career and transition coaching.

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5 Favorite Entrepreneurship Podcasts and VLOGS

With clients in 9 US States and 4 countries, I travel some of the time. Striving for continuous learning, I often listen to podcasts and audio books, and watch vlogs that provide solutions, strategies, and motivation for running my small business, Sarah Scala Consulting. Here are 5 business Podcasts and Vlogs that I am currently listening to and recommend for entrepreneurs and business leaders.

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Informal Mentoring - A Great Way to Build Skills and Culture for Your Business

Mentor programs are typically designed through formal or informal means. Informal mentoring can happen throughout various levels within an organization. The benefits of a less formal program are that they are often organic and happen throughout the organization without needed staff resources. They are flexible and can be started or ended easily. If the mentor and mentee are not the right fit, it is simple to stop the guidance. These programs are very simple, and add huge value to the business!

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Peer Mentoring - An Effective Way to Help you Grow in your Business Career

Mentoring is defined as a strategic approach to developing a person by partnering them with a more experienced person to teach, coach, council, sponsor, and encourage. Peer mentor programs are unique in that they often lack structure, defined length, or formal training. I currently have four peer mentors that I rely on to give me feedback and to help me move through challenges, learn, and grow. 

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FIRO- What? Building Awareness of Interpersonal Team Needs in Business

FIRO-B stands for Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation - Behavior. The FIRO-B assessment was created in the 1950’s by Will Schulz to predict how members of the military would interact. Learning about needs has been important for intact or cross-function teams because it helps members to understand what each member of the team personally needs. The assessment measures Wanted and Expressed Inclusion, Control, and Affection. It is helpful to be aware of your own needs and the needs of your team members in order to successfully collaborate.

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