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The Brain: Coaching to Sustain Change for Business

Learning about coaching and how it impacts the brain fascinates me! I studied and completed research during the past few years to better understand different approaches to coaching and how they may impact my clients neurologically. I am not a neurologist, and the simple idea that coaching can produce results visible on a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) is awesome!

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Questions from the Maine HR Convention Keynote - Effective Mentor Program Design

Last week I led a keynote workshop Mentoring: Informal Formal, and Impactful at the Maine HR Convention. Over a hundred participants attended this workshop. Participation was strong and lots of HR leaders had questions about how to effectively design in Mentor program for their organizations to have a positive impact and a strong return on investment.

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Compassion vs Compliance Coaching to Bring Sustained Business Change

I first learned about coaching with the Positive Emotional Attractor (PEA) and Negative Emotional Attractor (NEA) through the courses “Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence” and “Conversations That Inspire: Coaching Learning, Leadership and Change” at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) Massive Open Online learning Courses (MOOCs). The goal of coaching is to support positive behavior change. Compassion coaching is focused on the coachee’s vision and ideal self, while Compliance coaching focuses on the organization’s objectives and goals (CWRU, 2014).

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5 Free Learning Resources that Add Value to your Business Bottom Line

A client once asked me what the best learning resources were to support their competencies. The Human Resources department had a high level of requests for outside training courses, conferences, books, and resources, and HR was overwhelmed trying to decide which resources would add the most value, be most appropriate, and cost effective. We designed a guidebook listing the top resources for each competency so that HR and managers would have a source to be used both during development planning and annual reviews, as well as for when employees asked for more learning and development.  

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How Gritty are you in Business?

Where did Grit come from? Angela Duckworth, a former management consultant who became a New York City Public School teacher, realized that IQ wasn’t the only thing differentiating successful students from those who were less successful. Through research, she discovered that grit is the differentiator, not just for elementary students, but for students at the United States Military Academy at West Point and for employees in businesses.

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5 ways to Build Resilience in Business – Sustaining Strong Leaders and Organizations

Resilience has become a hot topic recently in business. Organizations face constant change that can be unsettling to leaders and employees. Years ago, I read the book Flourish by Dr. Martin Seligman (University of Pennsylvania). Known as the founder of Positive Psychology, Seligman’s research, detailed in this book, explains the importance of resilience. Since then, I have studied and taught business leaders and organizations ways to strengthen resilience, especially through challenging organizational change. Unlike IQ, resilience is a skill that can be taught and developed. Seligman’s work produced a model for resilience called PERMA.

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Optimism Strengthens the Business Bottom Line

Whether consulting to leadership teams on how to navigate through change or during executive coaching with a leader who feels stuck, the one topic I often begin with is optimism. I will ask if they feel optimistic about the future, and how they manage to maintain an optimistic outlook. As a leader, if you project doubt or a “glass half empty attitude”, your teams will quickly see this in your behavior.  Positive people smile more and frown less.

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Positive Organizational Change - Taking a People Approach When Going Through a Merger or Acquisition

When businesses are planning a merger or acquisition, often the focus is on the financial and logistical details. Obviously, these are important factors. However, I find that when businesses do not think through the emotional impact on their employees and leaders, the process is often more difficult and less successful.

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Positive Use of Power: Mentor Programs Strengthen Culture and Produce Strong ROI

Who needs a mentor? It is my opinion that everyone would benefit from having a mentor. Personally, I have 3 business mentors and 4 peer mentors. As an entrepreneur, these mentors serve as my “pseudo board of directors”, providing feedback on growth and marketing for my business. I have designed successful mentor and apprenticeship programs for companies in industries including financial services, consulting, consumer package goods, and manufacturing, that have resulted in a strong Return on the Investment.

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