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Team Creativity and Brainstorming

Author: Sarah A Scala, M. Ed & OD, ACC
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In 2018, Sarah Scala Consulting partnered with MindEdge Learning as a subject matter expert on Team Creativity, Innovation, and Employee Performance. I was interviewed to produce video content about specific topics that were incorporated into their online learning courses for MindEdge’s clients. For the course focused on Creativity in Teams and Organizations, Creativity was defined as the generation of new ideas, while Innovation was defined as commercialization of those ideas to create value. This is part of a blog series about this project.  

Many people approach brainstorming meetings with the hope of coming to a final decision. This mindset is ineffective because the purpose of brainstorming is to simply gather diverse ideas. When people want to make decisions and brainstorm at the same time, it becomes inefficient because it shuts down idea sharing and potential new possibilities. Brainstorming is most effective for gathering diverse ideas.

Here are a few tips for effective group brainstorming. 

Send an agenda or questions before the meeting. Not only does this give people time to think, but is also more inclusive of those who are introverted. Having a brainstorming process established that's facilitated in a way that is inclusive and leaves space to think and consider possible options is best. By facilitating a brainstorm meeting with an established format and rules allows everyone to participate. Once the brainstorm portion of the meeting is done, decisions can then be made through either voting or dialogue.

To learn more, Check out my short video on Effective Brainstorming

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How have you promoted effective brainstorming with your clients or organization? Comment below.

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