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Hikes, Spikes and Resilience

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I recently hiked Mt. Monadnock in southern New Hampshire with a friend. A few thousand feet into the 9-mile hike, we quickly realized that we were not going to be successful unless we changed our equipment because the entire trail had flooded and subsequently frozen. We strapped on spikes or crampons and were much more successful with more appropriate gear. We also used trekking poles to keep balance.

As we continued on the trail, our spikes became more and more necessary. The weather changed from cloudy skies, to hail, to snow, and to thicker clouds. There were sections where we were climbing up areas that looked like waterfalls. Although our confidence increased by using the spikes, much of the hike required focus and resilience.

So how does this relate to the business world? The model I like to reference is from Dr. Martin Seligman at the University of Pennsylvania. Seligman, known as the founder of positive psychology, created a model known as PERMA that helps to explain how to develop resilience.



PERMA stands for Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships and social connections, Meaning, and Accomplishment. When I reflect back on the hike, I would certainly say that we had a high level of engagement because we had to be very focused on our foot placement. I was with my friend for this adventure, so it built our relationship and social connection.  We accomplished the hike, and it provided a lot of meaning, as it was only our second hike together.

The further we climbed, the more confident we both became with challenging moves, some resembling rock climbing instead of hiking! This is an example of how Resilience can be strengthened on and off the job!

What ways have you strengthen your resilience outside of work?  Leave a comment below.

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