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...The content you are pushing out is really impressive. This is really admirable. There are people like me, years behind you, that you are inspiring whether you know it or not.
— - Organization Development Consultant
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Informal Mentoring - A Great Way to Build Skills and Culture for Your Business

Mentor programs are typically designed through formal or informal means. Informal mentoring can happen throughout various levels within an organization. The benefits of a less formal program are that they are often organic and happen throughout the organization without needed staff resources. They are flexible and can be started or ended easily. If the mentor and mentee are not the right fit, it is simple to stop the guidance. These programs are very simple, and add huge value to the business!

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Peer Mentoring - An Effective Way to Help you Grow in your Business Career

Mentoring is defined as a strategic approach to developing a person by partnering them with a more experienced person to teach, coach, council, sponsor, and encourage. Peer mentor programs are unique in that they often lack structure, defined length, or formal training. I currently have four peer mentors that I rely on to give me feedback and to help me move through challenges, learn, and grow. 

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Questions from the Maine HR Convention Keynote - Effective Mentor Program Design

Last week I led a keynote workshop Mentoring: Informal Formal, and Impactful at the Maine HR Convention. Over a hundred participants attended this workshop. Participation was strong and lots of HR leaders had questions about how to effectively design in Mentor program for their organizations to have a positive impact and a strong return on investment.

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Positive Use of Power: Mentor Programs Strengthen Culture and Produce Strong ROI

Who needs a mentor? It is my opinion that everyone would benefit from having a mentor. Personally, I have 3 business mentors and 4 peer mentors. As an entrepreneur, these mentors serve as my “pseudo board of directors”, providing feedback on growth and marketing for my business. I have designed successful mentor and apprenticeship programs for companies in industries including financial services, consulting, consumer package goods, and manufacturing, that have resulted in a strong Return on the Investment.

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