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Enterprise-wide organizational change seems to be happening with greater frequency. Changes may include mergers, acquisitions, new product launches, new locations, systems changes, or new processes.

 Change is never easy, and often leaders forget to consider the emotional impact of change.  Our specialty lies in supporting the people side of organizational change management.  We are often called to partner with clients when the tension and ambiguity become too much for the organization to manage on their own.  Our expertise in positive psychology, optimism, resilience, grit, and mindsets, increases the effectiveness of our change interventions. Using proven techniques and strategies, we work with your executive team on change definition, transition time-lines, support, business impact, emotional impact, and approach that will best match your business needs and culture.

Check out the short videos below to learn about how we have supported clients through positive change with Optimism, Resilience, and Grit.


What our clients say about our organizational change consulting:

 “I had the pleasure of working with Sarah Scala on a change management and team building initiative with the Stonyfield Executive Team. In working with our team, Sarah spent the time upfront to really understand our business and organizational strengths and challenges, and then she worked with us to design an approach that made sense within that context. Sarah brings extensive organization development expertise, and I particularly appreciate her openness to applying this expertise in unique ways based on the needs of her specific clients, rather than with a one-size-fits-all program. I find Sarah to be creative and flexible…strong at both program design and facilitation…an organized and straight-forward professional who follows through on her commitments regardless of challenges and changes along the way.”
 – Sue Melvin, Vice President Human Resources, Stonyfield Farm


“Two years after making significant changes to the way we do business, our development plans stalled. Sarah grasped who we are, where we are and what I was hoping to accomplish in lightning speed. Very impressive. In short order, we organized a company-wide meeting, which went very well, and followed up with a list of action items. Sarah not only listens well, but is highly organized and very good at coaching effective follow through. She’s a great asset to anyone grappling with organizational dynamics and change.”
– Bill Hough CEO and Editor, Falmouth Publishing Company