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Case Study:  Mental Health Organizational Client Enhances Leadership Excellence

Case Study: Mental Health Center Leadership Development

 Mental Health Organization Enhances Leadership Excellence

A Mental Health Care organization from New England was having a high level of turnover of behavioral health professionals.  Areas of development for the client included: leadership development and learning around vulnerability at work for both clinical and administrative leaders, one-to-one coaching with clinical leaders, and custom courses in areas of self-awareness, effective communication, and change management. The Mental Health organization hired Sarah Scala Consulting for this 3-month project to support all of their leaders.  

The Objectives of the Project:

We had the pleasure of having Sarah come and train our leaders in Situational Leadership. Her approach to training was well received in both the group training and 1 on 1 coaching sessions. Sarah helped our senior leadership team create an individualized program to partner with all of our agency’s leaders to promote positive relationships between leaders and staff in order to support our continued commitment to empowering people to lead full and satisfying lives through effective treatment and support. Thank you Sarah!
— Chief Services Officer

1. Relationship and Skill Building for Management of Direct Reports

2. Increased Comfort with Vulnerability

3. Strengthening of Self-Awareness (Emotional Intelligence)

4. Increasing Skills for Managing Change

5. Strengthen how Managers Communicate with direct reports


Questions Guiding this Project:

  • What is the desired state of behavior needed to make this organizational change?

  • Why hasn’t the client made the organizational change already? What is holding them back?

  • If the world was perfect, what would the organization look and feel like?


Services Provided: Pre-program assessment- Leadership Behavior Analysis II® Self assessment for executive team, clinical leaders, and administrative leaders

  • Situational Leadership II® workshop for executive team, clinical leaders, and administrative leaders

  • 5 follow-up e-mail messages to all participants to support the transference of learning in Situational Leadership II® 

  • Executive coaching (one-on-one) for all clinical leaders

  • Self-awareness, effective communication, and change management 1-day workshop for all clinical leaders



1. Met with client and executive team to clarify needs and to determine fit

2. Designed programs for each group (executive team, clinical leaders, and administrative leaders)

3. Facilitated all designed workshops in person and on-site

4. Provided virtual executive coaching 1:1 to all clinical leaders

5. Provided post-program evaluations regarding each part of the intervention to executive team



  • Client leaders have an increased level of confidence in skill with developing their direct reports, giving feedback, increased self awareness, improved ability to manage change, and improved workplace communication

  • Post-program evaluation results (qualitative and quantitative) were strong

  • Organization is currently tracking the level of turnover and retention pre- and post-intervention