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Case Study: Coaching Health Care Executive

Case Study: Coaching Health Care Executive

Coaching a Health Care Executive to Strengthen Leadership and Executive Presence

 A Health Care executive from New England wanted to strengthen her leadership skills and executive presence. Coaching was conducted to prepare her to support a new CEO, strengthen relationships with her executive peers, and assist her staff with moving the organization through a challenging time. The health care organization hired Sarah Scala Consulting to coach the client through this transition. The engagement began with a 3-month coaching contract that was renewed for an additional 3-months of coaching (6-months total).  

 The Objectives of the Project:

1. Client to refocus and build sense of self-worth, confidence, optimism, and resilience to navigate the transition with a new CEO

2. Client to build and strengthen relationships with executive peers

3. Client to gain respect from the new CEO


Questions Guiding this Project:

  • What is the desired state of behavior needed to make these changes?

  • What is holding the client back from optimal performance in her executive role?

  • If the world was perfect, what would her career look and feel like?


Services Provided:

  • Executive and leadership coaching



1. Met with client to clarify needs and to determine fit

2. Client completed pre-coaching questionnaire to define specific learning areas for coaching

3. Provided feedback on 360 degree multi-rater assessment done recently in Graduate School

4. Met with client both in person and virtually to provide executive and leadership coaching



  • Client has gained clarity and confidence about her role as it has evolved to more strategy and less operations and patient care.

  • Client has strengthened confidence in communicating with CEO and peers, especially in areas where they disagree.

  • Client has built skills in areas of conflict management, executive presence, coaching, and providing feedback to direct reports.

  • Sponsor (CEO) participated in a coaching closure call with Sarah Scala Consulting to end the coaching engagement with positive feedback.

She embraces her new role, and has been effective at managing up. Her Execution/ Analytics skills are strengthening and She is thinking globally, and has been successful with peer relationships. She now has a high level of motivation!
— - Healthcare CEO