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Case Study - Global US Launch

Case Study: Global U.S. Launch

Strengthening Effectiveness of a High-Performing Global Team through United States Business Launch

Client is a global renewable energy company headquartered in Denmark.  During the launch of their United States business division, they hired Sarah Scala Consulting to help their US leadership group build team effectiveness with members from the UK, Denmark, and USA.


The Objectives of the Project:

We had the pleasure of working with Sarah for our away day in the amazing surroundings of Vermont. Sarah worked with us to plan a fantastic programme that really focused on bringing out the importance of teams.  Throughout the planning, Sarah really listened to us and understood our goals for developing our team.  I have no doubt we are a better team for her working with us and I would recommend her talents to anyone.
— President and General Manager, US Division
  1. Build Cultural awareness
  2. Plan for the evolution of the business
  3. Celebrate Success


Questions Guiding this Project:

  • Who are the members of the team?  What is the current culture of the team?
  • What is the President’s vision for the team once the product is successfully launched?
  • What team or leadership development work or programs have they already completed?


Services Provided:

  • Team Building
  • Custom design and facilitation of off-site retreat
  • Survey and assessment



  1. Met with top leaders to discuss goals and objectives of the off-site retreat and build awareness of their team structure, dynamics, logistics, and design ideas.
  2. Designed and facilitated a custom off-site team development retreat to ensure it met the defined objectives.  
  3. Built and administered a post-program survey to analyze the new state of the team. 


  • Client participants built relationships with global members of the team - some had never met in person before the program.
  • Built awareness of the different cultures and approaches to managing projects, change, and collaboration.