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Case Study - Climate Assessment

Case Study:
Climate Assessment
Fortune 500

Strategic Climate Assessment for Large, Fortune 500, Private, Global Company

A US consulting firm hired Sarah Scala Consulting to partner with them to support their client in conducting a strategic climate assessment.    Their client was an A-tier global Legal department of a large, private company. This study and findings aimed to gain insights on what it is like to work for and with the Legal department.  In addition, the study included data from A-Tier global legal departments.


The objectives of the project:

I had occasion to work with Sarah on a strategic climate assessment project for one of my most valued clients recently. The project was extensive in scope and duration. Sarah was a great partner on the project from start to finish. She was proactive, thorough, highly communicative and offered thoughtful ideas and solutions to keep the project momentum on track. I look forward to working with Sarah again on future projects.
— Consulting firm Co-Founder and Principal
  1. Gain data on the current state of the Legal department regarding their engagement, creativity, and management of change
  2. Design survey and interview tools
  3. Investigate how the Legal team’s structure compares to other A-Tier global legal departments
  4. Identify the best practices that distinguish the Legal department and make it highly effective
  5. Identify the cultural attributes that are prized within the Legal department and why they are prized


Questions Guiding this Project:

  • What is the desired culture and climate of the Legal department?
  • What barriers are present for completing the climate assessment? Schedules? Willingness? Fear?
  • What is the desired format to share and present the results?


Services Provided:

  • Survey and assessment
  • Custom designed guide and conducted interviews
  • Created a detailed report and presentation materials on business climate



  1. Met with consulting firm to discuss their client (Legal department), the project details, desired results, and timeline.
  2. Designed Survey tool as a diagnostic tool completed by 67 participants.  
  3. Designed interview guide and interviewed 33 global participants.
  4. Compiled, themed, and analyzed data using statistical analysis to identify insights and conclusions from complex data.
  5. Creation of report and presentation shared with Legal department in their off-site meeting.



  • Legal department built awareness of the current climate and the best practices of A-tier global legal teams.
  • From the data and report, during their off-site meeting, the Legal department built strategies to close gaps and support strengths that were found in the survey and interview data.