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What is OD? Organization Development is a holistic approach to improving organizations by maximizing processes, systems, and people.

The OD solutions we provide include organizational change management, succession planning, workforce planning, performance management, and team development.  

Positive Change Management 

is crucial for elevating a business, dealing with economic shifts, and managing client demand.  Learn more about our approach in our case study on Positive organizational change.



For decades, Team Building has been the most frequently used organization development intervention method by organizations and companies.   Learn more about our team development programs here.



Partnering with your Human Resource leaders and/or CEO, we design a method to identify and develop people for key positions for the future.  Our succession planning and succession development solutions have been effective in ensuring employees develop the necessary skills and competencies to be ready for promotion, make a lateral move, or fill an unexpected opening.  Coaching and mentoring is often included in succession development plans for high-potential leaders. Our succession planning methods and development plans have been touted by Boards of Directors and executives for their ease of use.


When it comes to Performance Management, the part we enjoy most is the people side through coaching and teaching leaders and employees to set goals, give feedback, and have effective evaluation discussions. Situational Leadership II is an excellent model for this!




“I had occasion to work with Sarah on a strategic climate assessment project for one of my most valued clients recently. The project was extensive in scope and duration. Sarah was a great partner on the project from start to finish. She was proactive, thorough, highly communicative and offered thoughtful ideas and solutions to keep the project momentum on track. I look forward to working with Sarah again on future projects.”

 Trish Jones, Principal, eMentorConnect