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With proven success in building learning strategies and designing training programs, our creative methods, experiential content, and processes have resulted in cost effective ways to support continuous development needs for our clients. 

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What Clients Say about Our Learning Solutions

“Sarah is a methodical and purposeful learning professional. She demonstrates a desire to be the best facilitator for any content that she was to deliver. Her attention to detail is outstanding and contributes to her professionalism and ability to influence building high performing teams. As I continue to develop work, I will seek for opportunities to collaborate with Sarah as a learning professional. She has insights that can turn any organization into a learning organization.”
-  Director of Global Organizational Effectiveness, NIKE

"Sarah did an excellent job of teaching my training team about learning objectives, ADDIE, feedback and other tools. The team especially liked the student handbook that she designed for them. They already are making plans to include it in their next courses they develop."
- Amy Couter, Training Manager, Entergy

“Sarah is a dynamic presenter able to provide the necessary key components of situational leadership and vulnerability in a manner that is exciting and concise. She demonstrates knowledge and passion of the material presented making it easier to absorb.”
- Clinical Leader, Greater Nashua Mental Health Center

"Outstanding course. Sarah's ability to manage a large group, answer everyone's questions, create an environment where learning was fun and challenging, was very refreshing. If felt as though she was training me personally while interfacing with a large group. I highly recommend this course." 
- Mark Savoie, Senior Trainer, Entergy

“The leadership training received through Sarah Scala was in-depth, understandable, and very beneficial for me in moving forward in my role as a supervisor. I felt heard and the activities/assignments allowed for a greater understanding of the materials and how to effectively utilize the leadership skills with my staff. Sarah exhibits energy and dedication towards guiding businesses in better leadership skills to increase their functionality and profitability.”
- Clinical Leader, Greater Nashua Mental Health Center

I have had the pleasure of attending professional training courses taught by Sarah. She is a very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and skilled facilitator. Her teaching methods were creative - she was able to use the experiences of the people in the class to illustrate her points in the lessons. She helped me to sharpen my own leadership skills while showing me new, innovative ways to look at situations. She also took the time to follow up with the class participants, even after several weeks, to answer any questions that might still be lingering.”
– Supply Chain Leader, Manufacturing Industry

“Sarah and I have been acquainted for several years and have connected in a variety of ways, but the most memorable and valuable has been in her presentations at the Cape Cod Young Professionals events and most recently facilitating a workshop for the Certified Mentors at our local SCORE chapter. We use a process termed SLATE and Sarah was able to create an interactive workshop to fine-tune our mentors skills in applying the SLATE approah when mentoring small businesses. She is an insightful and skilled trainer and was able to apply her years of change management and leadership training to this valuable workshop. Thanks Sarah!”
- Marc Goldberg, Chair, SCORE Cape Cod and the Islands