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Leadership Development

With two decades of experience focused on leadership development, we support C-suite, executive, front-line, mid-level, global, high-potential, and emerging leaders.

Our programs are built to fit your schedule and timeline. This allows us to be flexible with your organizational needs, culture, and budget. We use an experiential approach to leadership development, having found that people learn best when given the opportunity to practice skills in a safe environment, while receiving real-time feedback. These experiences can take place in a variety of venues including your company meeting rooms, conference centers, the outdoors, and unique locations of your choice.

Custom Leadership Programs

Examples of custom leadership development programs we have designed and facilitated include:

  • A program for a company who was divested from their publicly-traded parent company and needed support to help their top executives manage the ambiguity and emotions of change.

  • A program for a Denmark client during the launch of their United States business division to help their US leadership group build team effectiveness with members from the UK, Denmark, and USA.

  • A program for a C-Suite client who wanted to improve trust and awareness of different leadership styles within their team. Both a FIRO-B® assessment workshop and dialogue around how to capitalize on differences was used to strengthen group dynamics.

  • A half-day workshop using the Thomas Kilman Conflict Instrument (TKI®) assessment for a client needing support on managing conflict for new leaders.

  • Offsite retreat to support global client to build strength as a leadership team and capitalize on diverse team strengths.

In addition to custom programs, we provide assessment workshops, facilitation, and executive coaching

Situational Leadership ® II

Situational Leadership® II (SLII®) is the most widely taught leadership model in the world. SLII® is a proven, time-tested leadership model that has been used to train over 5 million managers in the world’s most respected organizations.


  • Proficiently diagnose developmental levels

  • Match leadership styles—communications and behavior—to development levels

  • Gain a common leadership language that permeates your culture

  • Shift intentions into behaviors, and behaviors into accountability

  • Develop highly skilled, flexible leaders who can develop and retain people

Being a leader wasn’t something I learned in engineering school; I found the class helpful for developing the younger staff.
— Institute of Transportation Engineers, Participant
Sarah is knowledgeable in her field of Leadership and Organizational Development. She demonstrated this with questions that helped us to identify needs and desires of our organization for both team building and enrichment of our values. Sarah took all the worry out of planning a very successful day of education, fun and enlightenment for a group of 30+ leaders. I feel that we just barely touched the capabilities of Sarah and her staff. I truly hope to work with Sarah in the future.
Sarah provided an excellent leadership skills training for CCIAOR and it was one of the highlight’s of our CCIAOR Leadership Academy.
— Ryan Castle, CEO, Cape Cod & Islands Association of Realtors