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Need a non-biased resource to lead or design a focus group, board meeting or town meeting? Our speaking and facilitation style brings lots of energy to meetings, encouraging active participation, while promoting openness and inclusion.

We lead a variety of meeting types including interactive meeting design, focus group meetings, World Café, off-site retreats, team development programs, and virtual meetings. We are skilled in inclusive delivery that allows each person to be engaged.

We are successful in facilitating Team Development program, Simulations, and Public Speaking engagements

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“Sarah is patient, well-prepared, and overall an engaging consultant. Every question is answered thoughtfully and presented in an easy to follow and interesting manor. Sarah has an uncanny way of imparting her enthusiasm for learning which makes me want to learn more and more. She does a brilliant job bringing us to our potential in a very comfortable, professional and fun way!”
 – Leader, King Arthur Flour