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Coaching - ORIGINAL

From working on leadership effectiveness to moving your own team successfully through organizational change, we have success with coaching clients in diverse stages of their professional life.



Coaching is a confidential learning experience that is customized for your specific needs. The coach supports and challenges the client while maintaining focus on progress toward meeting established goals. The client sets the agenda in this partnership and is responsible for the outcomes.



Our Approach :

Coaching and assessments give us a new lens to consider ourselves, our organization, and the world. Using a style that is open and relaxed, coaching is an effective way to build skills and confidence, as well as reinforce recent learning experiences. Clients commit to their continuous development by practicing authenticity and applying new skills at work.

Our typical coaching process is structured around :

  1. Conversations to define goals
  2. Development of strategies and options to practice skills and behaviors
  3. Monitoring of results
  4. Ending the coaching engagement.

We can connect with you in person, by phone, or video call.

Assessment tools we use for coaching include : (include logos & link to assessment page)


“Since I met Sarah, my ability to build a professional community has blossomed. I am able to think on my feet, and better understand myself relating to topics such as entrepreneurship, elevator speeches, and community building. I would highly recommend Sarah for coaching if you want to partner with someone who tells it like it is, has high energy, and is supportive of the professional development of others!”

Michael S., Retail Marketing Leader, Kohls, Cape Cod, MA