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Case Study - Real Estate Association Builds Leadership Skills

Case Study: Real Estate Association Builds Leadership Skills

 Real Estate Association: Builds Leadership Competencies with its Members


The client organization is a leading Association supporting the Real Estate Industry in New England. Client expressed a desire to develop a Leadership Academy providing half day sessions each month for half of the year. The organization hired Sarah Scala Consulting for this project to support all  leader participants. Sarah Scala Consulting has been invited back to the Leadership Academy every year since 2015.


The Objectives of the Project:

1. Building leadership skills

Sarah provided an excellent leadership skills training and it was one of the highlight’s of our Leadership Academy. Thanks for a wealth of information you shared at our Leadership Academy! You are a gifted speaker – very engaging. It was a delight to experience all that you shared!
— CEO, Association of Realtors

2. Finding a mentor

3. Developing and Leading others (Situational Leadership II®)

4. Strengthening Optimism, Resilience, and Grit

 Questions Guiding this Project:

  • What unique development areas do leaders in the Real Estate industry have?

  • What is the desired state of behavior of a Real Estate Leader?

  • If the world was perfect, what behaviors would Real Estate leaders have?


Services Provided:

  • Design and facilitation of custom leadership development program to support leaders in the Real Estate Industry.



1. Met with client to clarify needs and to determine fit

2. Designed custom leadership program

3. Facilitated each workshop in person and on-site



  • Client members have gained confidence and competence in leadership effectiveness

  • Organization has become a repeat client for 4+ years for this program