MSE Offsite 3-26-08 Building One Bridge (15)Our custom team building programs strengthen interpersonal skills and dynamics, whether your team is brand new or well established. These programs bring out the energy and passion that drive business success. Teams are challenged with experiences that strengthen trust and communication, while gaining a better understanding of differences. Allowing enough time to experience and reflect on insights is an important part of experiential learning.

We use an experiential approach for team development, having found that people learn best when given the opportunity to practice skills in a safe environment, while receiving real-time feedback.  Our Team Coaching programs incorporate experiential learning methods and activities to provide an opportunity to practice behaviors.

We have designed successful programs that work for small and very large groups (200+ people).  These experiences can take place in a variety of venues including your company meeting rooms, conference centers, the outdoors, and unique locations of your choice.  Contact us to learn how we could partner with you to develop your team.

Levels of Team Building:

  • MVC-033FTeam Development: These programs include both experiential activities, as well as the use of an assessment tool to build awareness of differences and strengths with your team. These assessment may include MBTI® , FIRO-B® , or we can incorporate assessments you are already using internally. Examples of assessments clients wanted to use include DiSC, StrengthsFinder, Emergenitics, or any other that you are using.
  • Interventions: These experiences include assessment tools, as well as long term strategies to improve performance. These projects can include individual or group coaching. Intervention experiences aim to bring quick changes to your team when things get tough.


“Sarah is a true professional in her craft. Sarah demonstrated flexibility and creativity in accommodating our requests as a client and did an excellent job connecting the activity that was planned to our business mission, values and goals. Sarah was very personable and built an open environment of learning and trust that helped our team have fun, self-reflect and share stories.” Manager of Sales Learning, Time Warner Cable

“I had the pleasure of observing Sarah facilitate challenge activities with a group of emerging leaders. The team worked with enthusiasm through the emotionally and physically rigorous program, and I was impressed by Sarah’s ability to connect those experiences to the work environment. Not only was it great fun, but a day strengthening the team dynamic, boosting individual self-efficacy, and promoting collaborative work ethics.”
– Former participant