With proven success in building learning strategies and designs, we have partnered with clients to develop mentoring programs, simulations, corporate learning, and meeting facilitation:

Mentoring Programs: Formal and Informal mentoring solutions may be a great approach to supporting your culture while building skills for both leaders and individual contributors.  These programs have provided a strong Return On Investment (ROI).

Corporate Universities / Structured Learning: At some organizations, corporate university means a structured way to organize learning resources, while at other companies, it means a fully developed curriculum with completion steps and competencies. Partner with us to design the learning strategy and approach that best meets your needs and culture.

Simulations: Simulations have been very effective  in building an understanding of business systems, strategy, and dynamics for both intact and cross-functional teams.  They provide an opportunity to experience how teams’ decisions and choices impact different phases of business. Teams explore collaboration, analysis, and strategy in these action-learning experiences. Simulation experiences end with a debrief that connects the insights back to your organization.

Facilitation: Need a non-biased resource to lead or design a board or town meeting? We receive excellent reviews on our facilitation approach. Our facilitation style brings lots of energy to meetings, encouraging active participation, while promoting openness and inclusion.We lead a variety of meeting types including interactive meeting design, focus group meetings, World Café, and virtual meetings. We are skilled in inclusive delivery that allows each person to be engaged.

“Sarah is patient, well-prepared, and overall an engaging consultant. Every question is answered thoughtfully and presented in an easy to follow and interesting manor. Sarah has an uncanny way of imparting her enthusiasm for learning which makes me want to learn more and more. She does a brilliant job bringing us to our potential in a very comfortable, professional and fun way!” – Leader, King Arthur Flour

“Our Apprenticeship Program far exceeded both management’s and the glassblower trainers’ expectations. It could simply not have been so successful without Sarah’s deep consultative expertise and enthusiasm for our critical training initiative!”
 Mara Neufeld Rivera, Vice President – Human Resources, Simon Pearce

“Sarah helped us to design our corporate learning program. I’m glad that we had the opportunity to partner with Sarah on this project. Her extensive experience designing corporate universities and her depth of knowledge in the learning and organizational development field were an asset to our team.” – Mary Schiavoni, Head of Human Resources, Adimab, LLC

“I have had the pleasure of attending professional training courses taught by Sarah. She is a very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and skilled facilitator. Her teaching methods were creative ~ she was able to use the experiences of the people in the class to illustrate her points in the lessons. She helped me to sharpen my own leadership skills while showing me new, innovative ways to look at situations. She also took the time to follow up with the class participants even after several weeks to answer any questions that might still be lingering.” – Supply Chain Leader, Manufacturing Industry

“Sarah is a methodical and purposeful learning professional. She demonstrates a desire to be the best facilitator for any content that she was to deliver. Her attention to detail is outstanding and contributes to her professionalism and ability to influence building high performing teams. As I continue to develop work, I will seek for opportunities to collaborate with Sarah as a learning professional. She has insights that can turn any organization into a learning organization.” – Director of Global Organizational Effectiveness, Whirlpool Corporation

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