Social Responsibility

We are a socially conscious company and care about the communities and environment that we practice in.

Environment: We try to minimize the use of printed materials with a goal of being 100% paperless.  We take notes on tablets, bike commute, and schedule virtual client meetings whenever possible.

Philanthropy: We actively give back to our communities.  Recent examples include serving as Vice Chair of the Alumni Advisory Board of Green Mountain College, providing meals to those in need, and speaking at a Young Professionals Conference.

“Sarah’s enthusiasm for Philanthropy and Environmental Stewardship sets an example for all other’s to follow. She was captain of our Prouty Team and supports the Norris Cotton Cancer Center by recruiting volunteers and supporting their fundraising efforts. She also led a dinner for Listen, a group that feeds those that cannot afford meals on their own.” –Leader of Corporate Social Responsibility, Hypertherm.